Impact range

value...without compromise


Our Impact 25 range is a straight forward range of affordable desking , with complimentary primary and secondary storage.

Available in a range of styles and finishes.


Available colours are Beech,Oak ,Maple* & White*. < Click here to view colour samples >


*Maple and White only available on selected items please call us for details.





Typical arrangements



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 1600 LH Radial Workstation with 2 drw mobile ped ,                               1600 RH Radial Workstation with 2 drawer sidefiler unit,

 Desk high pedestal and black leather managers chair.                             Advantage operator armchair, plus 2,3 & 4 drw F-Cabinets


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 1600 VDU Desks x 4 with 2 dwr mobile peds,desk high                            1600 Radial workstations x 4 with desk high 3 dwr peds,

 screens high open fronted storage unit & lockable cupboard                       desk top screens & open fronted storage units.


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 Flexi meeting room tables from just £39                                                   Cafe & Bistro tables and seating from just £25


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